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Gutter Cleaning and Polishing
It's raining and you can see sheets of water are coming down off your roof, but not at the downspouts! It's time to clean your gutters. Don't let the next rainstorm catch you off guard. Clogged gutters can cause roofing problems, interior flooding, and other messes you won't want to deal with.
Gutter Cleaning

How we clean gutters:

  • We start with a Hi-Def camera inspection. 
  • Then we use a state-of-the-art industrial gutter vacuum system that allows us to thoroughly clean your gutters safely from the ground.
  • If there are areas that can't be reached with that equipment we use ladders that have standoffs and mitts. Standoffs keep ladders from damaging your gutters by placing the ladders weight against the roof or side of the house not directly against the gutters. Mitts protect your homes surface from being scratched or discolored by the end of the ladder.
  • We remove debris and bag it for disposal. Or if you prefer we can add it to your compost or natural area.
  • Clogged downspouts are flushed with water to remove clogs. If needed, we disassemble them and remove any obstructions, then re-assemble them.

Gutter Polishing

In our area light colored gutters quickly turn black. Pressure washing can remove some dirt, but nothing makes a difference like hand polishing them. Combine gutter polishing with your gutter cleaning and save!

If you are concerned that the difference is only visible up close, take a look at this picture. Notice the dark black gutters on the left side of the house that haven't been polished compared with the right side that has been polished.